In brief, that FREE reseller hosting program offers complete automation for your web hosting business.

+ Sell Own Hosting Plans

You can resell our competitive plans or create your own hosting packages, then set the desired corresponding prices. That program will pay you the difference between our wholesale prices and your custom ones. That difference will form your profit and will be applicable for every single hosting account order, renewal, domain registration, or service upgrade. Each month we will send you your earnings by Check, through PayPal, to your wallet balance or via a bank wire.

See How That Free Program Works – Understand the Revolution

You have stumbled upon our site and wonder how it works and whether it is worth it to become a reseller. Here is how it works:

It is absolutely free to become our reseller, there are no billing or start-up fees. By joining the system you will gain access to a free Reseller Control Panel, from where you will be able to choose the design of your web hosting store and which web hosting services you are going to offer through it. You will have full control over the prices, as well as the ability to create your own custom hosting packages.

For all web hosting purchases, service upgrades, renewals, and domain registrations made through your store during each month, you will receive a monthly reseller profit equal to the difference between the prices that you have set on your web hosting store and the wholesale prices at which we provide our services to your clients.

I use that program for about 3 years. I am very pleased to make that business and I strongly recommend you to join this program.

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