VPS Prices

Plan VPS 300
3.99 EUR / month*
VPS 700
7.99 EUR / month*
VPS 1400
12.99 EUR / month*
Two cores

Four cores

Six cores
Ram4 GB10 GB20 GB
Disk300 GB700 GB1400 GB
SSD BoostYesYesYes
BandWidth100 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic 100 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic 1000 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic
Operating System Linux / Windows Server 2012 Linux / Windows Server 2012 Linux / Windows Server 2012
4.99 EUR / month*
8.99 EUR / month*
14.99 EUR / month*
26.99 EUR / month*
Four cores

Six cores

Eight cores

Ten cores
Ram8 GB16 GB30 GB60 GB
Disk200 GB400 GB800 GB1600 GB
%100 SSDYesYesYesYes
BandWidth200 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic 400 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic 600 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic 1000 Mbit / Unlimited Traffic
Operating System Linux / Windows Server 2012 + 2016 Linux / Windows Server 2012 + 2016 Linux / Windows Server 2012 + 2016 Linux / Windows Server 2012 + 2016

VPS Service Review

VPS Services

“Our favorite Contabo hosting service, the company’s VPS plans are a cost-efficient solution that combines the best features of both dedicated and shared servers — and adds solid-state drives for even more performance.

Customers can choose to either combine HDDs and SSDs to balance copious amounts of storage with super fast read-write speed or opt for 100% SSD-powered environments. The SSD series of hosting plans supports snapshots, allowing for risk-free software installations or updates. Site administrators can also choose to add automated backups or managed services to handle website continuity precautions.

Contabo’s Intel processors range from two to 10 cores, with ample memory and Contabo’s signature promise of unlimited traffic. Virtualization is based on KVM, and site administrators can enjoy root access and a web interface for operating system management, reboots, and DNS oversight.

Servers are pooled to share bandwidth resources, and we appreciate that Contabo doesn’t oversell its infrastructure. As such, the full port speed — either 100 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s — is provided to all customers, at all times.

VPS plans can be further customized with the addition of a Plesk or cPanel/WHM license, solution for backups, or around-the-clock monitoring services. As always, Contabo plans include virus scanning and DDoS protection, which recognizes 99% of all attacks.

Contabo Full Review

Contabo is a knowledgeable and personable hosting provider, Contabo combines technical expertise with customer-focused service in its shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting plans. The German company offers a wide range of flexibility at an affordable rate, making Contabo a solid choice when looking for scalable space in which to grow your website.

“After nearly 15 years in business, German hosting provider Contabo has grown from a small office and a single server to multiple datacenters and more than 5,000 machines. Michael Herpich and Michael Bolke founded the company in 2003 based on three principles: discount prices, instant service, and top-notch customer support — and, for the most part, the company successfully delivers on all three.

Shared hosting plans, which Contabo has dubbed Webspace Packages, tout affordability, security, and one-click installations of hundreds of popular programs. In addition to including free SSL certificates and domain registrations, the company does not restrict the amount of traffic that can flow to a website. Contabo might see some negative effects from not offering an unlimited storage option like most competitors, but customers should have ample room to house and grow their websites.

The company’s best-selling product, however, offers an impressive price-to-performance ratio. Two series of VPS plans introduce varying levels of souped-up solid-state hard drives, giving customers a high-performing scalable environment. A hybrid infrastructure combines the massive storage of hard-disk drive with the fast read-write speed of SSDs, which act as a data cache. The all-SSD configuration sacrifices a few hundred gigabytes but adds more CPU cores.

As with Contabo’s VPS plans, dedicated server customers can choose among a wide variety of operating systems and control panels for a slight upcharge. Although we bristle slightly at the piecemeal approach to hosting, Contabo’s business model places flexibility and custom solutions at the forefront. The bare-metal servers are an affordable blank slate for customers to configure and manage as they see fit, or they can ask the Contabo team for dedicated technical assistance as part of the managed services upgrade.”